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Price List

Real Estate Services Fees
Purchase with Mortgage $1175 including disbursements*

+ $75 for strata properties

Purchase with No Mortgage $1050 including disbursements*

+ $75 for strata properties

Sale with One Mortgage $775 including disbursements
Sale with No Mortgage $725 including disbursements
Mortgage Refinance $675 including disbursements*

+ $475 with mortgage discharge

+ $350 with title change

Notarization of Real Estate Sale documents prepared by another notary or lawyer $250
Notarization of Real Estate Purchase documents prepared by another notary or lawyer $250 (with mortgage +$100)
Notarization of Mortgage documents prepared by another notary or lawyer $250
Family Transfer $450 to Spouse

+ $100 to Child/Parent (ILA may be required)

Transmission to Surviving Joint Tenant $250
Ordering land title documents  $35 each
Reviewing of documents  $35 per page
Personal Planning Documents
Will Drafting and Estate Planning Single: $350     Couple: $550
Power of Attorney Single: $175     Couple: $250
Representation Agreement $75 each
Notarization & Authentication
Notarizations, Statutory Declarations, and


$35 first notarization     $10 each additional

(applies to most documents – if your document involves real estate, loans, international matters or family law, or if you are unsure, please call ahead to check!)

Certified True Copy $35 first page     $10 each additional
Drafting Fee for Declaration / Affidavit $20 per page
Notarization of Power of Attorney (prepared by another notary or lawyer) $75
Authentication for International Documents $350 (2-3 weeks)
 Consultation  $350 / hour

* Disbursements include all of the 16 typical expenses that may arise but do not include: current strata forms/current survey certificate/title insurance (if required by your lender)/Land Title Survey Authority registration fee. Taxes on the legal fee portion are extra.

* Extra fees may apply for specialty services such as: bridge loan financing, meter reading, foreclosures, holdbacks, same-day sale and purchase, newly built properties, holding of contractual deposits, additional payouts, bank draft or cheque certification, direct deposit, power of attorney, out-of-town signing, purchase price >2 mill. and non-major bank mortgages.

* Deposit and all documents including mortgage instructions from your lender must be received at least 5 business days before completion/signing or a rush fee of $150 may apply.


Price list is to be used as a reference only, prices are subject to change without notice and we reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.


房地产购买(有贷款) $1175 (含杂费*) 



房地产购买(无贷款) $1050 (含杂费)*


房地产出售(有贷款) $775 (含杂费) 
房地产出售(无贷款) $725 (含杂费) 
房产抵押贷款 $675 (含杂费) 



房产出售文件公证(文件由其他公证人或律师起草) $250
房产购买文件公证(文件由其他公证人或律师起草) $250; ( 如有贷款,增加$100)
贷款文件公证(文件由其他公证人或律师起草) $250
家庭成员房产转让 配偶间转让:  $450

转让给子女或父母: $550 (可能需要独立的法律建议)

所有权转给在世的联名户主 $250
获取房地产登记文件 $35 每份
文件审阅 $35 每页
平安书(遗嘱) 个人: $350

夫妻: $550

授权书 个人: $175

夫妻: $250

医疗代表协议 $75 每份
文件公证、法律声明以及宣誓书 每个公证$35, 每增加一个则增加$10;


原件的公证复印件 每页$35, 每增加一页则增加$10;
起草声明书或宣誓书 $20 每页
公证授权书(由其他公证人或律师起草) $75
国际文件认証和公証 $350 (2-3 周)



* 杂费包含16种可能产生的费用;此杂费不包含服务费的税、物业管理表费、测量图或业权保险费用(如您的贷款银行或金融机构要求), 或者政府产权登记费。

* 以下服务可能产生额外费用:过桥贷款、仪表读数、房产拍卖、暂留款项、押金预留、额外还款、新建房產、银行本票或支票认证、直接存款、使用授权书、外地签字协调、成交价高于两百万加元、以及非主流银行贷款等等;

* 押金所有成交所需要的文件,包括借款银行或公司发来的贷款指导文件,须在成交日/签字日的5个工作日之前发至我处。如晚于这个时间,需要$150的加急费。